Compose new MIDI creations or transform your original compositions with Staccato.

Through subtle enhancements create groundbreaking shifts, pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

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AI MIDI Technology

Dive into a realm of limitless musical horizons with Staccato! Our cutting-edge AI MIDI seamlessly adapts to every style, genre, and emotion of music, lyrics, and poetry. It enables artists from all walks of life to channel their deepest creative instincts and craft their distinctive masterpieces. Prepare to journey through a transformative musical odyssey with Staccato's AI MIDI.

Step 1

Input a MIDI track or drag & drop into the app.

  • Draw your notes into the editor
  • Record notes from your favourite MIDI controller
  • Upload existing files you have

Step 2

Change parameters to suit your needs or to explore new possibilities.

  • Creativity: Change how creative you want the generation to be
  • Cut-off: Control how many options the AI will choose from for each generation
  • Control the length of your output

Step 3

Listen to what the AI Instrument™ thinks should come next & repeat steps as needed.

  • Playback your AI generations with the online virtual instruments or connect with any of your favourite digital sounds
  • Generate ideas at any moment in your song
  • Edit the generations in our MIDI editor

AI MIDI Generations for Your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)


Staccato's user-friendly setup ensures a seamless introduction to AI MIDI, empowering you to effortlessly transfer your MIDI creations into our software for instant music creation with AI.

Your favorite Daw like ProTools, Abelton, Logic integrates easily.

An image showing the integration of Staccato with any Digital Audio Workstations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about AI MIDI

Can AI generate MIDI?

Yes! Staccato’s AI Instrument™ is a prime example of the opportunities with AI and MIDI. Over time the tool will only continue to improve as AI models get better.

You can read more about existing MIDI AI tools here.

Is MIDI still being used?

Absolutely! Almost every professional song you’ve heard on Spotify and Apple Music used MIDI as part of the creation process. You can read more about the history and importance of MIDI here. In many cases, you can create music using MIDI that would not have been possible to record using an acoustic or electric instrument. For example, Dua Lipa’s producer for ‘Don’t Start Now’, said they did not use a bass guitar when making the song; it was all MIDI!

Is there a program that coverts audio to MIDI?

You can convert audio to MIDI using tools like Spotify Basic Pitch. You can learn more here.

What is MIDI in music?

MIDI is a digital language that allows musical devices to communicate with each other. MIDI is used to create most of the professional music that you hear on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Artists can play any type of MIDI device to generate MIDI music, including keyboards, controllers, and synthesizers. One of the biggest advantages of MIDI is that it allows artists to change parts of their music without having to re-record.