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The AI co-writer for musicians, lyricists & poets

(Think of it as an AI Lennon to your McCartney)

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Any style, type or mood of music, lyrics & poetry is understood by Staccato. Allowing creators of all types to unleash their creativity.



Have a great tune but can't think of lyrics, rhymes or what should come next for it?

Tell Staccato a few keywords or a mood & watch as lyrics are written for you in seconds. Gain confidence in your songwriting or poetry with your new AI co-writer.

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When you need some inspiration for your music, Staccato can suggest what comes next.

Simply add a MIDI file you're working on, change the parameters to suit your needs & and watch as new music is written for you in the same key, style & mood.

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No learning curve, simply combine your favourite DAW & Staccato Music to get suggestions as you work.

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Unlock a highly productive and uninterrupted state of creative flow with your AI music, lyric and poetry co-writer.

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Lyrics & Poetry Generations in Seconds

Our AI technology for lyrics and poetry can help you overcome writer's block and inspire your creativity. With Staccato's unique lyric & poetry co-writer app, you can input keywords or a desired mood, & then generate new lyrics or poetry based on that input. Our AI-powered tool provides you with unexpected directions for your writing, unlocking new levels of inspiration.

But that's not all - our AI tools also help you improve your writing skills. By analyzing existing lyrics & poetry, our technology can identify patterns and structures that you can use to enhance your own abilities.

Start using the power of AI to elevate your lyrics & poetry today. With Staccato AI, the possibilities for creative expression are endless.

Nominated for "Best New Tech in 2023"