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The AI co-writer for musicians & lyricists

(Think of it as an AI Lennon to your McCartney)

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Any genre, mood or artist-style is understood which allows creators of all types to unleash their creativity.

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As a songwriter, you know how important it is to have a great hook. But coming up with catchy lyrics isn't always easy.

That's where our AI-generated lyrics come in. With our AI lyrics generator, you can create original and engaging lyrics in no time.

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When you need some inspiration for your music, Staccato can suggest what comes next.

Simply add a MIDI file you're working on, change the parameters to suit your needs & and watch as new music is written for you in the same key, style & mood.

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No learning curve, simply combine your favourite DAW & Staccato Music to get suggestions as you work.

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Unlock a highly productive state of creative flow with your AI music & lyric co-writer.

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Looking for high-quality music in various genres like pop, rock, or hip-hop? Look no further than Staccato. Our AI music and lyrics generation tools use complex deep learning algorithms to analyze existing music or lyrics and generate original content. With our cutting-edge technology, you'll have access to unique music and lyrics that can be used for everything from soundtracks, commercial projects and to new songs.

Check out our examples and see how AI is revolutionizing music and songwriting.

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Lyrics Generations in Seconds

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Writer's Block
Are you a songwriter struggling with writer's block? Staccato's AI technology can help! Our unique song lyrics generator is a game-changer. Input keywords or a mood, and generate new lyrics with ease. With our AI-powered tool, you'll unlock new levels of inspiration and unexpected directions for your writing.

Song Analysis
But that's not all - our AI tools also help you improve your skills. Our technology analyzes existing lyrics, identifying patterns and structures you can use to enhance your own abilities.

Write your next hit song
Elevate your lyrics today with Staccato AI - the possibilities for creative expression are endless. Whether you're looking for a lyric generator, lyrics creator, song writing lyrics AI, or AI-generated lyrics, Staccato has you covered. So why wait? Let our AI lyric writer and rap lyrics generator help you write the next hit song!

Nominated for "Best New Tech in 2023"

Staccato AI Nominated for best future tech in the 2023 Aux Awards

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Staccato AI Nominated for best future tech in the 2023 Aux Awards
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